Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cameron Turns 4!!!

Wow! Has it really been four years?! Four wonderful, fun, happy, laughable years!

Cameron, you are your dads shadow, your moms right hand and the joy to grandpa Coil. Oaklee just giggles every time she sees you and Samantha likes to play babies with you and is your "best friend". Logan is your Lego buddy and Preston is your hero. Porter is your most favorite cousin. You love Aubrey and going to her house, not a big fan of pre-school (didn't even make it the first day) and your entire class at church is all girls (not a big fan of girls either) You're a lover of outdoors, fisherman and hunter in the making. You give the best hugs, smiles and kisses. I love hearing you talk, always telling me secrets (mom, can I come out of my room when Sam and Logan are sleeping). You talk about Grandma Great at least once a day. You know where she is and that she is happy. You make the best buddy and side kick anyone could ask for. Love you more and happy 4th Birthday.
Quote by Cameron
"That's why we don't have stairs dad" (as he trips on the first stair)

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